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Many clinicians learn about functional medicine and get very excited to start but just can’t figure out how to fit it into their practice or make the big leap away from conventional, insurance-based practice models. Dr. Michael Hilts figured it out. Dr. Hilts found out about the “Direct Primary Care” model which allowed him to fulfill his dream of bringing the best healthcare possible to his patients. In addition, his innovative strategies with outside imaging centers, laboratories, and pharmacies bring down the cost to patients in an almost unbelievable way! Could this be the answer to fixing our current healthcare system?

Today we meet Dr. Michael Hilts who introduces us to the Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice model which is rapidly spreading across the country. You’ll hear about innovative ways he uses DPC and other strategies to bring back the spirit of primary care, challenge the current healthcare paradigm, and turn it on its head!

Today on The Lab Report:

  • 4:30 Meet Dr. Michael Hilts
  • 5:50 What is Direct Primary Care and why did Dr. Hilts pivot?
  • 12:20 Labs, medications, imaging = significant cost savings
  • 16:10 The transition out of insurance-based conventional medicine
  • 18:00 Incorporating functional medicine laboratory testing and success stories
  • 24:00 Non-surgical sports medicine – ultrasound, prolo therapy, PFP
  • 29:45 Work with Dr. Hilts
  • 31:40 The Fireball

Additional Resources:

Hilts Direct Primary Care

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